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Watford Mailing List - Guidelines for Subscribers

Most of the time, WML functions very happily as a large, informal and varied discussion, where wit, humour and disagreement is welcomed. Very occasionally however, there is some need to co-ordinate the hundreds of voices that form the community so that our mailboxes are not filled with abuse and trivia every day. That is the purpose of these broad guidelines which form the basis for WAG's occasional interventions.

  1. The List does not tolerate spam, blatant attempts to incite an argument, flaming or abuse, as these activities will inevitably cause the list to lose its purpose. Please avoid swearing in messages to WML (it ain’t big, it ain’t clever and readers with content filters will probably not receive your message at all). Use ast*r*sks if want to express the strength of your feelings. Gratuitous swearing is banned altogether and will incur a yellow card in the first instance. WAG’s judgement will be final in determining whether swearing is gratuitous. Please do not send virus warnings to the list. It is a matter of some pride that with hundreds of subscribers, WML is relatively smooth-running.

  2. Do not attempt to impersonate anyone. Emails have to have your name as the author, or you must sign the email with your name, or you must be prepared to give your name to WAG, who will keep it confidential if requested.

  3. Impersonation of any member of Watford staff, players, directors or of former staff members or players will be met with an instant Red Card (see Discipline) and you will no longer be permitted to post to, or receive WML.

  4. If you are asked by someone acting for WAG to take a thread off-list or (for example) to apologise for something, you must comply or accept any punishment that WAG deems justified.

  5. If you are unsure whether something should be sent to WML, send it to first for their review.

  6. Although OCCASIONAL non-WFC related messages may be acceptable, WAG reserves the right to warn individual listees off, if WAG feels that they are abusing this.

    All requests of a commercial or charitable nature should be submitted to WAG for approval before sending to the list. WAG will assess each such request based on its merits.

  7. Subscribers may be moderated at any time at the list owner's discretion.

  8. Libellous comments are not to be made on WML. In all respects you (and not WML) are responsible for the content of your own postings. See the libel page on this site for more information.


Fortunately, the list is almost always a friendly and co-operative community, so disciplinary cases are rare, but WAG will act swiftly when the list is compromised by breaches of the guidelines. WAG may take one of three courses of action, depending the seriousness of the breach:

1) Warning from WAG. You are asked to follow any warning that is given as it will avoid further problems.

2)  Yellow Card  This is a warning to behave yourself, and essentially says that if you misbehave again you will be given a Red Card and banned from the list. A yellow card also suspends you from posting to or receiving WML for 7 days. A yellow card remains on file for six months, after which it will be wiped. After the 7 day ban has elapsed, you have to request to rejoin the list.

3)  Red Card  This is a final warning and will see your membership of WML withdrawn. To date, only two red cards have been issued other than for impersonation. It is a measure that WAG does not want to use, but will use if necessary.

Appeals Procedure

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated by WAG in being issued a Red or Yellow card you may appeal against the decision within 24 hours by sending an email to Your email should set out the grounds of your appeal clearly. On receiving an appeal, the membership of WAG will consider the circumstances carefully and hold a vote before making a final decision as to whether to remove you from the List permanently or temporarily.

Netiquette on the Watford List

Netiquette acts as the umbrella term for Dos and Don'ts on the Internet. Some of the points below should be taken as suggestions for how to act on WML.

  1. Save this document for future reference.

  2. When you first join WML, get a feel for the list for a few days before sending your maiden message. It is a pleasant courtesy if you then send a few lines describing (say) yourself, the length of your Watford support, your personal Watford highlights, etc.

  3. A common occurrence is that when someone sends a message expressing a view, others write back with a message saying something like "Couldn't agree more". This sort of message is a waste of time, bandwidth and energy. Worse, such messages are often compounded by the person quoting the whole of the initial message. Include only those bits of the original message that put your reply into context.

  4. On the Internet, words in capitals are taken to equate to SHOUTING. People rarely respond positively if you shout at them.

  5. When you post an article to WML from a newspaper or magazine, online or not, make sure you mention your source so that your readers can assess its credibility.

  6. If messages sent to a member are consistently returned to Yahoo! Groups with an error, that member is considered "bouncing." Their Yahoo! Groups account is deactivated, and group messages will not be delivered to the account. Once an account is considered bouncing, Yahoo! Groups will send a series of test messages to the member. If the test messages are returned as undeliverable, then the account will continue to bounce. However, if a message is delivered and not returned as undeliverable within five days after it was sent, the account will automatically be reactivated. Members may also manually reactivate their accounts by visiting their My Groups page

  7. Keep arguments civil. If you are going to send personal or crude insults to people, do so off-list.

  8. Any one subscriber (or any fraction of the List) cannot and must not speak on behalf of the whole List. For example, if, in an email to the club or an article to a magazine, you mention WML, it must be made clear that you are not speaking on behalf of the List.

  9. Occasionally a list subscriber writes an article about the mailing list for some publication. WAG would be a good place to send it for advice, because there is a lot of "list experience" there.

One more thing...

Messages you send to WML are automatically forwarded to list subscribers. There is nothing anyone else can do once you have pressed the send button. So, think before you send. It is not unknown for messages to be dug out months and even years later, in order to point out hypocrisy, superb (or wretched) predictive skill, etc.


Neither WAG nor any other entity takes any responsibility for what you write. Thus, if messages from your address are praiseworthy, you get the praise. Whereas, if they are appalling, libellous or in any way illegal, you also take any consequences. Please read the libel section on this site.

Last Updated: 25th April 2018