Dedicated to Watford FC fans all over the World

IRC for Windows

Click here for Android phones


A few Watford supporters use IRC as a "chat room" on match days so one can chat to fellow supporters during the match.

Here is a simple guide to connect to the IRC network

1) Download an IRC client - for Windows users, one of the best IRC clients is MIRC and it can be downloaded from here

2) Install the program

3) When you first run the program you will need to fill in a few details - including a nickname and an alternative nickname



4) Under servers, select the "Undernet" network and then choose an IRC server (Random EU server for example)



5) Now press the "Connect to Server" button and you should see something like this



6) If this is the first time that you have used MIRC you will need to enter then name of the room where we meet. So, in the top box type #vicarage_road - note there is an underscore (_) between vicarage and road. Press "Add" so that next time you get to this page, you will just need to scroll down to #vicarage_road rather than retyping it.




7) Now press Join"



That's it - welcome to the world of IRC