Dedicated to Watford FC fans all over the World

IRC for Android Phones

Here are the instructions for connecting to IRC on an Android phone using software called Yaaic.


Load up the Android Market and click on the Search icon in the corner
Enter "yaaic" into the search bar
Select Yaaic and then click Install (its free)
Select OK to the permissions summary. Wait for it to install.
In the main applications menu select Yaaic
Select the Menu button and then Add Server
Enter "Undernet" for the Title and "" for the
host server
Add your handle under name and your real name under Real Name
Click the Channels Button.
Enter "#vicarage_road" into the box and select Add.
 Click OK
Select "Add Server" at the bottom of the page
Click on Undernet and hold.
Click Connect
Use the right to left swishing motion to move into the channel.
With thanks to John Harding for all his input