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How to subscribe (and unsubscribe) to WML

Here is the low-down on how to use WML. You can choose to receive WML in one of two ways.

Normal: Each message that is sent to the list is forwarded to these people as it is received. On busy days you may receive 50 or more individual messages.

Digest: For those that don't want to get a stream of mails throughout the day, there is also a digest option which consolidates several individual messages sent to WML into a single email.


You can subscribe to the list by sending an email subscription request to the following address:

Your subscription will require approval by WML Admin so it may take a short while before you can join the List.

Alternatively, you can use your web browser to go to the List's home page at Yahoo and click on "Join This Group". From there, you can either sign up as a Yahoo member (this is free but slightly tedious) or the alternative option which just requires you to reply to the verification email . Again as approval is required by WML Admin, it is not an instant process.

Normally requests for subscription are dealt with within hours rather than days.

By default, you will receive all mails individually. You can change this to the daily digest by logging in to your Yahoo account, going to the WML Yahoo page and amending your preferences.

Change subscription to the Digest

You may find the traffic on WML to excessive at times to receive individual emails. You can change your subscription to a daily digest instead.

To do this you should do the following::

  • Go to the WML Yahoo page

  • Sign in with your Yahoo ID - or get a Yahoo ID if you do not have one already and go back to the WML page if necessary

  • Click on "Edit Membership" in the white bar just above the blue bar with the list name

  • Under "Message Delivery" choose "Daily Digest"

  • Click on "Save Changes" in the bottom right

It may take up to 24 hours to be come effective

Temporarily suspending list mail

To temporarily suspend your account, if you are going on holiday for example, go to the WML Yahoo page and sign in with your Yahoo ID (or create a Yahoo ID if you do not currently have one).

Select "Edit Membership" and go to the section entitled "Message Delivery" and select "No email - I'll read messages on the web site."

Although you cannot read messages on the website as we do not maintain an archive, you will suspend you account from receiving any emails until you change your preference back to "individual emails", or "digest".


Should you wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list, just send an e-mail to making sure that the e-mail address that you are sending from is the same address as the one you subscribed with.