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What is WAG and what is its purpose?

Members of WAG

Mark Allison Russ Barker Pete Bradshaw Rod Fine
Anders Flatas Pete Goddard Frances Lynn
Anders Flatås Pete Goddard Frances Lynn Mark Millward
David Perahia Jon Sinclair Derry Thompson
Jamie Parkins David Perahia Jon Sinclair Derry Thompson

Watford Advisory Group (WAG) is a group of around 12 members of WML who have been on the List for sometime and are considered to have experience on their side. They serve as a forum to discuss and advise on technical and operational issues that face WML from time to time.

Membership of WAG is not closed but is restricted to approximately 12 members at any one time. If you feel you can add something to this group and would like to be considered for membership you should send an email to and we will be in contact.