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The Watford Mailing List

The Watford Mailing List started in 1994 (see WML history) and exists for the exchange of news, views and gossip about Watford FC. It is a forum for fans and has no official connection to Watford Football Club.

The List may be compared to a discussion being held across a wide community with shared interests in which anyone is encouraged to participate. Its members are expected to behave in a relatively civilized manner, to observe minimum standards of courtesy, to follow some basic guidelines and not to try deliberately to wind other participants up.

As well as involving many members based locally, WML is a lifeline to our overseas members who are to be found in almost every nook and cranny on the earth's surface, from Canada to the southernmost point of New Zealand.

Watford FC is its common theme, with the occasional discussion of issues affecting football more generally (by which we mean the round ball game and not the version they play in America).

This website provides guidelines for the mailing list. If you have just joined WML, or are thinking of joining, then read through all the pages on this website in order to know the do's and don't's and to get an idea of how the list works.

Libellous comments are not to be made on WML. In all respects you (and not WML) are responsible for the content of your own postings. See the libel page for more information.

If you are not receiving WML emails, check that they are not going into your spam folder and if that is not the answer, take a look at the WML status page

Watford Advisory Group (WAG) is a group of around 12 members of WML who have been on the List for sometime and are considered to have experience on their side. They serve as a forum to discuss and advise on technical and operational issues that face WML from time to time.

Membership of WAG is not closed but is restricted to approximately 12 members at any one time. If you feel you can add something to this group and would like to be considered for membership you should send an email to and we will be in contact.

To subscribe to the Watford Mailing List either send us an e-mail by clicking this link or just enter your e-mail address in the box below and press the "Join Now!" button. For additional  information, please go to the subscriptions webpage